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Jetpak: Solar Crisis

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Richard Jordan

GAME DEVELOPER:Ultimate Play the Game


Copyright 2004, Richard Jordan

Jetpak – Solar Crisis is a superb Jetpac remake from Richard Jordan, maker of Klass of ’99, one of the best fanmade remakes ever made. The author said this is his fourth attempt at making the game, and the result is definitely worth the wait.

First, some official words about the plot and gameplay of this Spectrum classic: “The ‘Acme Interstellar Transport Company’ is delivering spaceship kits to various planets in the solar system throughout the Galaxy; and as chief test pilot, all you have to do is assemble the Rockets, and thrust on to your next destination. As you don’t often get the chance of a free trip across the Galaxy, this is a great opportunity to get rich! Stop off on several planets on your journey, collect the odd sack of precious gems, elements or gold, and take them back with you. But before you make yourself the richest person in the whole Universe, remember to refuel your Spaceship – with 6 fuel pods – every time you land on a planet. Any other goodies you collect are yours to keep. Upon landing, you will find yourself equipped with the very latest Hydrovac Jet Pac, which can automatically air lift almost any rocket stage, fuel pod or valuables that you care to land upon, and release them over the rocket ship base. Don’t forget your mega-powerful, Quad Photon Laser Phasers can blast any nasty, mean aliens who might object to your visit.”

Richard Jordan brought the jetpac-strapping hero to life with excellent SVGA graphics, music, special effects, and the same addictive gameplay as the original. The controls are very easy to learn, and the different planets (levels) are very well drawn and filled with polished details. You can also post your high scores on-line at the Retrospec site. If you love Klass of ’99 or addictive frenetic games in general, don’t pass up this superb labor of love. As good as Jetpac PC, the other remake on this site is, this one is even better. Highly recommended.

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