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Kharne: The Revelation

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2000, Dave Moore

A very nice freeware graphical Roguelike game by Dave Moore. From the description at The Gratis Gamer: ?…formerly known as Shadowdale, [Kharne: The Revelation] is a freeware CRPG for WinXX based on TSR’s famous AD&D fantasy gaming system. It is entirely graphical and uses graphical tiles (created by David Gervais) instead of the ASCII characters common to older Rogue/NetHack style games. KTH takes advantage of the Windows Interface by implementing features like drag-and-drop inventories, and point-and-click spellcasting and ranged combat. KTH also includes a full hypertext online manual.?

Although the final version has not yet been release, the beta version is already a full game that looks very promising. The tile graphics are attractive, although not as crisp as Falcon?s Eye, and the interface is very intuitive. The AD&D rules are implemented very well, and longtime AD&D fans will recognize most of the monsters in the game. The automap deserves special mention as one of the best I have seen: it is color-coded (marking the locations of objects, monsters, doors, gold, and more), and you can zoom in and out by using a sliding scale. Overall, a great Roguelike that will certainly please all dungeon-crawling fans, especially fans of TSR?s fantasy universe. Two thumbs up!

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