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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, E. Hashimoto

This is a strange little golf game, played with a side view, and holes resembling more the screens of platform games. Using Left and Right arrow keys, you must decide the power of the shot, and with Up and Down you choose the type of bouncing, until you find the desired trajectory of the ball, showed by an outline. Then, you press the Z key, and you will have to re-press it when the power bar and the jump indicator reach the level you chose. If you succeed, you will get the desired shot; if not, try again, but like in conventional golf games, always remember the par! Do not worry, it’s much simpler to play than to explain. If you are good enough, you can solve many of the levels with a good hole-in-one.

There are six courses, each with his own theme (grass, desert…), though at the start you can play only the first, and the others are gradually unlocked as you finish the previous ones. With a simple, fun, and original gameplay, and crisp graphics (especially the colors), Kimaru! has a lot of fun to offer, especially if you like wacky sports games (Zany Golf comes to my mind). Recommended.

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