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Kingdoms of Germany

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Realism Entertainment


Copyright 1994, Realism Entertainment

Kingdoms of Germany is a fun but somewhat dry wargame set in medieval Germany. From a short critique of the game by veteran wargame reviewer M.E. Brooks, …Economics, diplomacy and military forces all coalesced into a challenging game; however, Kingdoms of Germany did not conform to the historical milieu and the overall nature of this product was almost completely game-oriented as opposed to teaching any historical lessons. A sequel to [Brian Vodniks earlier] Vikings: Fields of Conquest, although not as geographically interesting.

MEBs criticisms notwithstanding, I found Kingdoms of Germany to be an interesting entertaining game that retains most of the high points of Vikings, including a decent computer AI and a strong board game feel. Unfortunately it looks and plays too much like Vikings without any significant improvementsbasically its the same game on a new map. If you like Vikings, you will probably enjoy this sequel that should have been marketed as an add-on rather than a brand new game.

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