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Kung Fu Kim

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1997, Chad Frick

Do you remember that scenes in some oriental action movies, with guys exercising on top of high pillars? Good, put cartoony graphics on them, add a lot of humour, and you have Kung Fu Kim. The game basics are extremely simple and the instructions aren’t really needed (though they are funny to watch). Using the arrow keys, young martial artist Kim must block all the nasties coming to hurt him. Once in a while, Tao symbols will appear to regain some energy, and protection stones will make nasties of their same color unable to hurt you.

The way I just told you, it could sound boring. Absolutely not. Thanks to the funny poses of Kim, which change at every level (the author is a Flash animation artist, and he surely shows his talent), to the absurdity of the aforementioned nasties (see them with your eyes), and to the simplicity of the control interface, this is one of the best games to play after a session with your n-th complex strategy game or FPS. Only nine levels mean two things: first, you’ll always find some minutes for having fun with the game. Second, considering that the last level is quite difficult, you’ll always be willing to give it one more try, eager to finally master the “Complete System”. Martial Arts were never so fun – since Budokan, at least ;)

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