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Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball Dayo Zenin Syuugou!

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1993, Technos Japan

Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball for the SNES is definitely the best dodgeball game, and among the best console sports games ever. Released only in Japan, the game has been translated into English, thanks to the efforts of Azelistic fangroup. Dodgeball or Dodge Ball, if you have never heard of it, is a fictitious team sports that plays like a violent version of handball/volleyball: your job is to hit your opponents as hard as possible with the ball to make them unconscious. The winner is the team with the last man standing on the pitch. As to why you should play this game if you love wacky sports games, this good review at GameFAQs explains it well:

Kunio-kun no Dodgeball is the 16-bit Super Famicom sequel to the original Super Dodgeball for the Arcade and NES and one of the first Kunio-kun sports game for the SFC. Unlike the Neo-Geo sequel that was released three years after this one, this one feels true to the original. The plot is about the same as the first game. Kunio and his allies and rivals from the Downtown Nekketsu games, team up to take on the entire world from England to America.

What makes Kunio-kun no Dodgeball different from the other Dodgeball games in the series is the amount of options you get. You start the main game by creating your own ten-man team by choosing one of the game’s twenty main characters, each having their own strengths, weaknesses and special moves. After you’re done choosing your roster, you’ll get to choose your team’s uniform, name and date of creation. That’s not all, you can also change the names of your player, as well as their face and skin color (caucasian, asian or african). After you’re done creating your team, you’ll get to choose which team you’ll fight first. You can choose several nations such as France, Japan, Italy, Arab, ect. I recommend that you choose England or India first. After choosing your enemy, you’ll get to choose your stage. You can pick your enemy’s default stage or choose from those of teams that were defeated. This is where the real fun begins.

You’ll then be taken to an option menu. You can immediattly start the match or check out the other options. You can buy items from the money you get by winning games. Items such as new super shots, vitamins and equipment that’ll increases your stats, items that allows you to create players or buy them from other teams and all kinds of miscellaneous items. You can also see your player’s stats and that of the opposing team, change your formation and strategy, see all the secret shots you have, use items, have additional players join you (up to five with the multipad) and change the opposing team in case you made the wrong choice.

You can also adjust the game options and switch from plain arenas to interactive ones. For example, in Russia, you can turn on an option that will cause avalanches and another one that will turn players into giant snowballs after being hit by a super shot. Each stage has unique obstacle that can be turn on and off with Option Mode.

As for the game itself, the gameplay is simple. You choose from seven of your ten member. Four of them will be in the main field, while the other players will be outside on the opposite field. Your job is to eliminate all the members of the opposing team at the opposing field. Y and B are the main action buttons. In offensive mode, Y throws the ball and B pass it to the other players. In defensive mode, Y catches the ball and B will make you dodge it. Pressing X with or without holding the D-Pad will give commands to the other players and pressing A will change who you’ll give commands to. They can act as topman, frontman, sideman and rearman to protect you from enemy’s shots or help you to shoot more powerful shots as well. Holding L will change the commands of some actions. For example, if you hold L and Y in defensive mode, you character will block the ball instead of catching it, receiving little damage. In offensive move, pressing Y+L will make a feint shoot. Overall, a huge improvement over the original Super Dodge Ball. Besides the regular tournament, there is the obligatory versus mode and the Bean Ball mode. Both of them allows you to choose which team you want to play.

The graphics is more detailed than any of the Kunio-kun games for the Famicom ever were, even though the character designs are recycled from the 8-bit Downtown Nekketsu games. The music is great and the sound fx is very effective. Overall, the game had been one of the most requested Super Famicom game at eBay and for good reason. It’s the best Dodge Ball game ever.” Yet another winner from Technos, and a perfect game for when you are in the mood for some violent anime action ;) A must-have.

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