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Lemmings for Windows 95

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Psygnosis

Similar to CivNET, Lemmings for Windows 95 is an excellent re-release of a blockbuster game (or in this case, 2 games) with some significant facelift that unfortunately wasn’t as successful as the original. This is probably due to most gamers having the originals already and saw no point of getting exact same games, even if they are not ported from DOS to Windows 95 with sharper graphics, better music, and a Windows-friendly user interface. Best of all, this release includes both the original Lemmings as well as Oh No! More Lemmings, the more devilishly difficult sequel.

If you don’t know what Lemmings is (and if you have been gaming since 1990 or earlier, you should be shamed), here’s a summary of one of the best games ever made: your objective in each level is to lead the furry lemmings to the exit by teaching them various skills to overcome the obstacles, such as digging, parachuting, and climbing. You are given a limited number of each skill, and you must get all the lemmings to the exit within a given time limit. Needless to say, levels become increasingly difficult, and a combination of quick wit and reflexes is necessary to win. If you have never played a Lemmings game before, or have only played the sequels such as 3D Lemmings, this Windows 95 release is simply a must-have. After more than a decade, the charm of these furry rodents (and the glee of seeing them explode ;) ) remains as strong and as addictive as when the game was first released in 1989 — a true testament to great games everywhere. A must-have, and a Hall of Belated Fame inductee without a doubt.

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