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Line, The

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Bepposoft

The Line from Bepposoft is a fun platformer with a very unique and fascinating premise which translates into a unique gameplay as well. Imagine a one-dimensional world comprising of just one line, as depicted in Abbott’s classic book Flatland, and you will have an idea of what The Line is like. In this one-dimensional world, there is only one line. But this line is under threat from an unknown force that is threatening its survival with explosive waves called “Snawaves.” The line therefore bubbles and gives birth to you: a two-dimensional creature whose outline protrudes upward from the horizontal ground but whose ‘legs’ are still part of the one line, and who is now running for his life. If the explosive waves catch you, they will erase your outline – and thus your existence – from this 1D-turned-2D world.

Confused? Well, I can find no better way to describe this unique and zany game, so you should go ahead and experience it for yourself. The unique premise is executed well in reality (although the yellow looks a tad too bright to me), and you will have a lot of fun as you help the poor 2D creature escape from the waves that relentlessly chase after him from the left of the screen, erasing the line in the process. If you enjoy platformers or just unique action games in general, The Line is a definite must-play, even if the action gets a little repetitive after the novelty wears off. Highly recommended!

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