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Little Fighter 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Marti Wong

Little Fighter 2 is an outstanding sequel to Little Fighter, one of the best beat-em up games ever made, bar none. Like the original classic, Little Fighter 2 is cute, charming, incredibly addictive, and free ;) The game basically lets up to 8 players, any of whom can be computer or human-controlled, join the all-out fistfights that feature cute Japanese SD-style graphics and cool weapons.

Little Fighter 2 features the same addictive gameplay of the original, with many more features and even better graphics and animations. Characters from the first game return in this sequel, and thankfully they are not as little as the first game – making the cool special attacks a lot more fun to pull off. The controls still take some getting used to as you need to memorize keyboard commands, but the learning curve is minimal. You can now play against friends over network, organize players into teams for an all-out fisticuffs, or join in the “stage fight” mode that moves from one stage to the next similar to arcade games.

If you like beat-em ups or multiplayer games in general, Little Fighter 2 is simply a must-have. It is better, bigger, and more fun than the original. The sheer fun factor is more than enough to qualify for our Hall of Belated Fame honor. Two thumbs up, way up!

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