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Lombard RAC Rally

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs



GAME PUBLISHER:Mandarin Software

Copyright 1989, Red Rat

Lombard RAC Rally is a fun driving simulation of a real-world of the same name (now called Network Q RAC Rally which takes place every year in Britain. You get to drive all the stages in the rally from the first-person perspective. You can choose to drive the whole tournament, or any of the 5 legs that make up the rally.

Lombard RAC Rally is a great simulation of the tournament that is not commonly seen on the computer. The graphics are crisp and clear in EGA, and the car feels reasonably realistic. The game includes day and night races, different weather conditions such as fog and snow, and varied scenery graphics. To round things off, you can enter the workshop to repair and tweak your car, practice any of the legs, and even participate in a multiple-choice TV quiz to try to earn some cash. Overall, if you like rally games, Lombard RAC Rally is well worth a look. Highly recommended!

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