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Lotus III

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Andrew Morris & Shaun Southern

GAME DEVELOPER:Magnetic Fields


Copyright 1993, Magnetic Fields

Third part of Magnetic Fields’ great arcade-style racing game series – the only one converted to the PC. And what a great conversion it is. Really refreshing! Although the last part of the series is the worst in my opinion. The most obvious new feature of the game is a track generation system called RECS. Never liked that one a lot, but it’s very easy to create different tracks with it.

Obviously the developers were very enthusiastic about it, as they said in the manual: “The most startling addition, however, is the stunning RECS system, which will give you access to a practically infinite number of different tracks. [...] It’s straightforward, easy and instant-and like all the features of the earlier Lotus games, it’s so good that other software houses will be featuring it in their games in about six months time.” Hehe, I don’t recall any game that used the system later on ;) Lotus III doesn’t work on my PII, but runs fine on my old 486SX, so you may need to tweak fast machines a bit to play this one (see FAQ for more details).

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