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Magnaflux Runner

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1994, 3DI Productions

Magnaflux Runner is a fun top-down miniature racing game for Windows 3.1 that is similar to better-known Micro Machines series. Instead of racing around everyday objects, Magnaflux Runner pits your skills against computer-controlled cyborg opponents on 5 unique alien speedways.

The Magnaflux Runner in the games title is a futuristic armored vehicle that glides inches above a magnetic track. Use your weapons and thrusters to deal with opponents and avoid the myriad of traps and hazards on the tracks. You can compete against a friend in hot-seat mode, although unfortunately no TCP/IP is available. The interface and controls are both easy to use, and the cars are smoothly animated. The cars are a bit too tiny, however, so you likely wont feel the adrenaline rush of GTA or Micro Machines.

Overall, Magnaflux Runner is a competent racer that is enjoyable for a few hours. The 5-track limit and inferior gameplay compared to Micro Machines hamper the fun, though, making the game neither memorable nor as replayable as Codemasters classics.

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