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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Joachim Fraeder

GAME DEVELOPER:X-ample Architectures, The

GAME PUBLISHER:X-ample Architectures, The

Copyright 1993, CP-Verlag

Magnetic is a decent Reversi variant from The X-ample Architectures, a German developer. The game is basically Reversi, except that you can only change the color of one tile to your color, not the entire range of tiles as in a normal Reversi game. The computer AI in Magnetic puts up a decent fight, and you can play against another human player or against a tough computer player in Expert Mode if you really want a challenge. A neat game overall, but nothing special compared to full-featured Reversi/Othello games such as WZebra (which is freeware to boot). The background music is pleasant, though.

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