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Copyright 2001, Anonymous

MahJong is a nice little Mahjong game included for free with DOS/V, a Japan magazine. The game offers a no-frills, no-nonsense Mahjong experience. If you don?t know how to play the game, this one isn?t for you as it doesn?t provide any rules or guidance to introduce you to the game.

If you already know how to play, though, the game provides a decent enough challenge for a quick Mahjong fix, although more options such as varying difficulty level would have been a plus. But then again, if you are a Mahjong fan, there?s probably nothing better than being able to quickly jump into a game, build a ?wall? of tiles, and create the ultimate hand ? all during that precious 10-15 minutes coffee break. The graphics are excellent, and computer AI is no cakewalk. Anyone who doesn?t know Mahjong (and this is the competitive game, not the solitaire game of the same name more people know about), but are still interested in learning this little gem, check out the excellent Japanese Mahjong rules site in the related link below.

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