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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Luke Hodorowicz



Copyright 2000, Luke Hodorowicz

Malos is a unique strategy/action hybrid that plays like a board version of “Tag” game. As the official page describes, “…each level contains a set of red tags on a grid. As the player, you control a sphere on the grid. To beat a level you must move your sphere over each of the red tags and change the tag color to green. Each time you change a tag’s color, an enemy sphere appears on the board and chases you. If an enemy touches you, you lose. The only defense against enemies are blue tags on the board which when hit by your sphere make the enemy spheres move away from you and if you can catch them they will be destroyed instead of you.”

The concept sounds simple, but the gameplay is actually quite challenging, as you have to avoid an increasing number of enemy spheres, while navigating around obstacles to the remaining tags. The graphics are crisp in full 3D, and the game is quite challenging and entertaining, even if the basic gameplay from level to level remains the same. Well worth a look if you enjoy unique action games that blend elements from other genre.

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