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Manchester United Europe

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1992, Krisalis

First in Krisalis’ trio of soccer games based on the exploits of Manchester United, Manchester United Europe is a fun action soccer game that lets you lead this popular club in major European tournaments, including the European Cup, European Cup Winners Cup, UEFA Cup, European Super Cup, and even the World Club Championship — a more obscure tournament held each year in Japan.

Although the PC version is inferior to Amiga original (which features excellent graphics and 4-player action via 4-player joystick adapter), the game is still a very good game that incorporates plenty of details that will delight fans of the sport. You can, for example, easily execute one-touch football and aftertouch tricks. In contrast with most other soccer games of the era, you have full control over your goalie’s actions. Coaching options, while much more limited than specialized soccer sims, are adequate: you can do substitutions, see players get yellow and red cards from the referee, and watch action replays. There’s little difference between “full simulation” and “arcade” mode since the effects of your coaching strategies aren’t too obviou in the game. Still, Manchester United Europe paves the way to more full-fledged soccer games from Krisalis, and is great fun for casual soccer fans who are confident in their joystick skills. It’s not Sensible Soccer, but it has its own personality and style that deserve a closer look. Thumbs up for this one!

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