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Manchester United: The Double

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Krisalis

Manchester United – The Double is successor of Krisalis’ well-regarded Manchester United Premier League Champions, and arguably the best in a Manchester United-licensed trilogy that began with Manchester United Europe. Third time is indeed the charm, as Krisalis adds an isometric view, transfers, a full team editor, an updated team data, and more options that make the management aspects of the game much stronger.

Gameplay hasn’t changed much from its predecessor, with just the addition of a very elementary management facility. It still has the excellent Tacti-grid(TM), which is one of the best ways ever of positioning your players. Additional manegerial options make the game more similar to Premier Manager series, although not as complex. The new isometric view of the game (which looks remarkably similar to Kick Off 3) is a nice touch, and controls overall are intuitive. The game will even let you edit everything (including player stats), and the computer AI is quite competent. Overall, the best game in Krisalis’ football series. Although not a true classic, Manchester United – The Double is Top Dog material that will keep all Manchester United fans (and enemies) happy for hours as they work their way through the Coca Cola Cup and various other tournaments. Thumbs up!

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