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Mantis: XF-5700 Experimental Fighter

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Glen Dill & Paul Conklin



Copyright 1992, Microplay

Mantis is one of the least known Microplay / Microprose games ever made, and for good reason: it is a mediocre ship-to-ship flight combat simulator that offers nothing new to fans of the genre. As M. Evan Brooks observes in his mini-review: “[the game] accomplished its mission adequately, but without dash or superlatives. The CD version was much more challenging, although even here, the challenge seemed to be more of the same.” The graphics and sound are adequate, but most missions (even the extra ones in CD version) are of the boring kill-everything-in-sight variety. Overall, a very disappointing release from Microplay, maker of such underdogs as Midwinter series and Sea Rogue. Fans of space combat games should definitely play / replay numerous better games, such as the Wing Commander series.

Note: This download is the floppy version, with speech add-on included.

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