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Mario Forever

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Buziol

One of the best fanmade Super Mario games, bar none, Mario Forever from Polish freeware group Buziol Games is a highly polished, addictive, and long Super Mario clone, featuring dozens of levels spanning multiple worlds, all the familiar “boss” monsters and NPCs from Nintendo’s classics, and even a few surprises up its sleeve. The plot, if you need it, goes as follows: Bowser, that big spiky boss monster, is back with a vengeance. He has destroyed half the peaceful mushroom kingdom, and so it’s up to our Italian plumber to go after his old nemesis again. Doing this will take you through land, sea, and air, traversing all kinds of terrain that will be familiar to longtime Super Mario fans, but all newly arranged into newly designed levels that even die-hard fans of the series will find challenging.

In contrast to most Super Mario fanmade games that just “rip” graphics from the originals, graphics in Mario Forever is much more polished, full of crisp SVGA details that are much better looking than in Nintendo’s original 8-bit games. There is plenty of secret areas, monsters, and surprises along the way. My only complaint is that the English in the game is quite bad – the text reads like it was plugged directly from Babelfish translations. But since English is not the designers’ native language (they are Polish), we should be content enough that English option is available at all… playing Mario in Polish would have been a unique experience indeed ;)

Mario Forever does justice to Nintendo’s blockbuster franchise, and stands as a testament to how good fanmade games can be, given genuine love of the original and a lot of effort. Aside from being very good looking and addictive, the game is also just about as long as a real Super Mario game – meaning it will take you many hours to finish. Highly recommended to every platformer fan.

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