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Mario’s Early Years! Preschool Fun

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Software Toolworks

GAME PUBLISHER:Software Toolworks

Copyright 1993, Software Toolworks

The third and last title in Software Toolworks’ relatively unknown Mario Early Years! educational series, Preschool Fun is a fun game that teaches toddlers about basic concepts, such as numbers, colors, shapes, and sizes. The game features various activities starring both Mario and his brother Luigi, as well as other familiar characters from Mario games (e.g. Bowser and the Princess). Each activity teaches one specific concept in a clear-cut, easy-to-understand method. For example, the balloons mini-game teaches about basic shapes and sizes, and the numbers activity features Mario counting various objects in his kitchen. The only major weakness in the program is the lack of help screens, making it sometimes difficult to figure out what the mini game/activity is trying to teach.

With a good variety of activities and games, set in Mario’s world that most kids are familiar with, Preschool Fun will keep toddlers glued to the screen without realizing that they’re actually learning something– a hallmark of all good edutainment titles. Thumbs up!

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