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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Gilberto Lima Correia



Copyright 2000, Gilberto Lima Correia

MarioUp is a nice fanmade Mario Brothers game, coded in QBasic. Your job once again is to guide our plump plumber across the 2D side-scrolling levels, collecting stars while he can and jumping on enemies. The game is very colorful, the animations fluid, and the controls easy to learn. The game unfortunately is a tad too short (only a few levels), and there is no music to speak of. Excellent level design, new graphics (backgrounds, etc.), and a good gameplay that is very faithful to Nintendo’s classic makes the game well worth a look, though. It’s fun as a nice little coffee break game, at least. Too bad Luigi doesn’t make his appearance in this fanmade underdog.

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