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Mascotte Blackjack

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Leonardo D’Alessandri

GAME DEVELOPER:Mascotte Entertainment

GAME PUBLISHER:Mascotte Entertainment

Copyright 2003, Leonardo D’Alessandri

Mascotte Blackjack is a nice shareware blackjack game that offers much more graphics pizzazz than most other card games on the market. While blackjack is not exactly something you can expect to find long-term play value, Mascotte Blackjack tries to make the best of limited material. The game offers four unique blackjack tables, four different backgrounds, and two unique card decks, one of which features “GirlCards” – cartoon/anime-styled girls that must be “unlocked” after beating the opponents. These are not Hentai/adult pictures – just some tastefully drawn cards that look quite nice. Along with 12 card characters of the standard set, this makes for a total for a total of 24 card characters you can play against. The gallery lets you view all the card characters you have beaten and unlocked, and the game automatically saves every time you quit.

Another point in Mascotte Blackjack‘s favor as a “family game” is the absence of bets of any kind. If you would like to play computer blackjack with your kids but are wary of gambling elements, Mascotte Blackjack is ideal. Last but not least, the game also has very pleasant soundtrack and excellent graphics: if you think card games can never benefit from 3D video cards, this underdog will change your mind. All the cards and tables are animated in 3D, with the cards showing very nice reflection effects at higher screen resolutions. A competent, well-polished blackjack game that is worth $10 registration price – but you can always download the demo first to try it out. Recommended.

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