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Copyright 2000, Freeware

Mathtris is a fun and educational Tetris clone that tests your arithmetic skill in addition to quick reflexes. Blocks that drop from above have either an integer or an arithmetic sign (plus, minus, multiply, divide, or equal) painted on them, and your job is to create a correct equation out of the boxes to make them disappear. For instance, boxes 3, +, 1, =, and 4 will disappear once you place them next to each other. Vertical and horizontal equations are counted, although not diagonal ones. Needless to say, this makes Mathtris much more difficult than Tetris, and will probably seem too dull and frustrating for non-math lovers.

For anyone who likes both math and Tetris, though, Mathtris is a welcome challenge, and a great way to hone your arithmetic skills. In addition to good concepts, the game features 1 player, 2 player or network play, Gamepad support, fixed block or non-fixed-block mode, variable difficulty levels, and bonus stages. Recommended!

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