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Medieval Clash

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, Karel Pool

Medieval Clash is the English version of Tornime, a simple but fun strategy game from Estonia. Set in a nondescript country in 1387, your purpose is to destroy the opposing king’s castle while protecting your own by sending your army consisting of clubmen, swordsmen, knights, archers, catapults, and cannons. Starting with a castle, you must spend money to buy military units. If you are running out of money, you can send men out into the countryside to chop down trees to earn income. Despite a very limited number of strategic options, the frenetic pace, and the fact that it takes a long time to destroy a castle makes Medieval Clash a fun game. There is always something happen, be it dozens of arrows that rain on your troops, the whir of catapults as they move ever so slowly into position, and the clang of combat as knights on horseback fight.

Graphics is not “professional quality” by any means, but they are more than adequate, and you can always tell different types of units apart. All in all, a nice “snack-sized” strategy title for one or two players that you can enjoy during coffee breaks – and one that you will come back to for more. Recommended!

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