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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2004, Ben Mazur & Helge Richter

MegaMek is a superb Java-based wargame based on FASA’s celebrated giant robot tabletop wargame called Battletech. As of July 2005, the game includes all level-1 (3025) tech and most level-2 (2750, 3050+) tech from FASA’s board games, a network or hotseat play for 2 or more players, as well as a tough AI for offline (single-player mode) play. Most level 1 rules and many level 2 rules have been implemented, and you can even make your own maps. The graphics are pleasant, the user interface is simple to learn, and the muti-player game is easy to connect and runs smoothly with no noticeable lag. Plus, there is a large community of gamers (one of the most active being MegaMek.Net), so you can always find someone to play against. If you enjoy the original Battletech board game (which is not the same as Activision’s superb giant robot action series based on it), MegaMek is the next best thing to rolling the real dice. Highly recommended to fans of squad-level wargames or games involving giant robots.

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