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Copyright 2000, Emily Short

Runner-up in the 2000 Interactive Fiction Competition, and deservedly so. Emily Short’s Metamorphoses is a wonderfully written, beautifully programmed piece of IF that is equally strong in both the puzzle and writing departments– a rare quality. Set in a fantasy world, your task is to bring different elements to your master for — well — there’s a nice plot twist that I’d better leave for you to find all :)

Metamorphoses has plenty of everything that will keep IF fans happy: excellent descriptions, ingenious and thought-provoking puzzles (puzzles involving metamorphoses of your character are particularly memorable), and even multiple endings. There is always so many things to do in each room, so many interesting objects to manipulate, that you never feel lost in the game. Plot developments are masterfully delivered in the form of flashbacks that give further clues to your character’s past. In short, Metamorphoses is as well-rounded as IF gets — a definite crowd pleaser that is hard to fault. A definite must-have, especially to avid readers who like to EXAMINE everything in a game, and fans of puzzle-oriented IF. Two thumbs up!

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