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Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Oxford Softworks

GAME PUBLISHER:New World Computing

Copyright 1995, Oxford Softworks

Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows is a great collection of 10 classic board games from Oxford Softworks. This is essentially a 1995 update of the company’s earlier Intelligent Strategy Games 10 package. All the games from that early release are still here: Go, Renju, Connect Four, Othello, Gomoku, Backgammon, Chinese Chess, Chess, and Bridge. In addition to updating the graphics to SVGA and the interface to a user-friendly Windows GUI, each game in the pack comes complete with rules (although a bit too short), and a variety of options including hints and replay. The game overall boasts a strong AI that is the hallmark of all Oxford Softworks titles. Each game here is not good as the best stand-alone game, but as a compilation, Mind Games is one of the best and most polished you’ll likely to find. Highly recommended.

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