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Copyright 2004, Rexx Magnus

Mingsheng is a well-written IF game about the origins of Tai Chi. The puzzles are quite logical and well-clued, and the subject matter should appeal to most IF fans, especially those who are interested in Taoist or Buddhist philosophies (although the occasional bits about Taoism does sound too pedantic for my tastes).

Mingsheng features well-designed locations and clear objectives throughout the game. What I like most about it is the “knowledge puzzle,” which is the best attempt I have seen of making learning a *puzzle* in an adventure game. Although the game’s serene pace may put off some gamers and the writing is not as evocative as, say, Lethe Flow Phoenix (which would have made the Taoist ethos much more powerful and atmospheric), it still has a lot to offer IF fans, especially beginner-to-intermediate-level players who are interested in Eastern philosophies. Recommendend.

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