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Mission Missyo

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2005, G.R.C

Mission Missyo from Japanese developer group called G.R.C. is a neat turn-based puzzle game that plays like a tribute to Blizzard’s excellent The Lost Vikings game and its sequel. Your goal is to lead three anime-style ninjas through dozens of puzzle stages. Each ninja has a different skill, and similar to Coktel Vision’s Goblins series, you must use them in the right order and in complemedifferent and complementary skills through numerous puzzle stages. Like The Lost Vikings, the levels start out easy, but get difficult quite quickly, as you face tougher obstacles that require you to plan dozens of moves in advance. If you like Lost Vikings or Goblins, this neat underdog from Japan is sure to help exercise your brain cells for hours on end. Two thumbs up!

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