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Moorhuhn Jagd 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2000, Phenomedia

The sequel to Moorhuhn Jagd, one of the best free promotional games ever made, Phenomedia’s Moorhuhn Jagd is as addictive as the original, if not more so. As with its predecessor, the goal in this “virtual moorland chicken hunt” is to score points by — erm– sending as many moorland chicken as possible to heaven. Your tool of the trade is a hunting rifle, and the game is played from a first-person perspective similar to other hunting games. The chicken fly around the 2D background, and shooting the ones farthest from you nets the most points (25). Many features from the original are still here: your score is deducted for shooting non-chicken objects, such as airplanes. There are new “dummy” objects this time around, though, including the very cool zeppelin.

Much of the fun in Moorhuhn Jagd is the clever addition of pinball-style “combo” shots: you can get a lot of bonus points from shooting at objects in a specific order. In contrast to other hunting games where the backdrop is just a pretty background, the backdrop in Moorhugh Jagd 2 is an integral part of gameplay, and much more varied than the prequel. For example, you can shoot a frog (five points), or a chicken exactly when it’s inside a tower for 25 points. If you shoot all the stones that are scattered around the landscape, many multicolored balloons will appear and slowly rise to the sky. Shooting balloons with the same color gives you hugh bonus points. While you still have only one type of ammo, it’s much stronger this time around– you can even sink ships in the lake for a whopping 50 points.

With many new possibilities and objects, Moorhuhn Jagd 2 improves upon the already varied gameplay of its predecessor. There’s even a “boss key” this time around (bringing up a very authentic-looking word processor screen) to reduce your productivity at work even further ;) Overall, definitely one of the best, and best-looking, hunting games you’ll ever come across, freeware or not. Two thumbs up!

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