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Copyright 1989, Dynamix

Nice motocross racing game by Dynamix, designed by Jeff Tunnell of The Incredible Machine and Heart of China fame. Offers you the choice to practice or race a whole season on ten tracks in all. Many aspects of your bike are open for adjustment such as gear ratios, tire pressure, suspension and fork angle. For a more detailed review of the game, Trixter’s write-up for MobyGames says it all:

“Compete in a 10-race motocross season with some of the world’s best riders. Trick out your bike by adjusting the fork angle, tire pressure, engine dynamics, suspension, and gear ratio to get the best possible performace. (Different bike configurations are needed to be successful on different tracks.) Racing dynamics are also valid: Your bike can stall, get its wheel or fork bent out of shape, etc. You also have complete control over squaring off (negotiating a corner), the mastery of which is required to do well in the game. The best realism factor in the game is “squaring off” — the technique of leaning hard, putting your foot out for balance, and “powersliding” to take a hard turn.

Motocross remains the only motocross simulation I’ve played (and I’ve played about 5 or 6) that leaves this capability in the hands of the player; to square off, you quickly flick the joystick back, then forward again. All other sims do this for you automatically, whether or not you want to. You don’t always want to, since squaring off is a speed penalty. Heck, the bike will even stall on you if your revs get below a certain level when you’re in a high gear. And you must switch gears manually; no “auto” in this game.”

Overall, Motocross remains today one of the best simulations of the sport ever made. Great fun with decent in-game graphics, excellent presentation and good controls. Good luck and don’t stall your engine!

Note: The file MOTO.VIR somehow made it into the game archive and can be deleted.

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