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Mutton Mayhem

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Pistachio Productions


Copyright 2004, Pistachio Productions

A great game that has been selected as one of ten student showcase winners at the Independent Games Festival, Mutton Mayhem, in the author’s words, is “…a multiplayer economics simulation disguised as a fast-paced action game, involving sheep. The object of the game is to utilize sheep in order to score points. There are several ways to exploit these furry creatures to bolster your point total. Mutton Mayhem features three unique character classes, each with their own distinctive method of madness. The shepherd herds sheep into barns, the poacher kills sheep, and the necromancer brings dead sheep back to life.

We call our game an economics simulation because at its core, Mutton Mayhem is about resource management. The resource just happens to be something unconventional: sheep. Each player must learn and adapt to the flow of this resource, while also taking into consideration how other players are using it.”

Mutton Mayhem is a very well-balanced multiplayer action/strategy hybrid that implements the paper-rocks-scissors logic in a unique and intriguing way. The three characters and three asymetrical goals make the game much more interesting than typical arcade games (although the necromancer has nothing to do if nobody kills muttons ;) ). A well-made and fun game, if you can round up three friends to play with. Recommended!

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