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N-Knights & N-Queens

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Kostas Symeonidis & John Tsoukalidis



Copyright 2000, CyLog Software

N-Knights and N-Queens are two excellent computer version of classic chess problems. N-Knights contains two problems, Max Knights and Min Knights. In the Max Knights puzzle, your goal is to move the knight around the chessboard without stepping on the same square twice. On the 4×4 board, the maximum number of moves you can make is 15. In the Min Knight puzzle, the objective is to place the minimum number of knights on the board that is required to threaten all the empty squares without threatening each other. You can only place a knight on an empty square that is not threatened by another knight.

N-Queen presents another chess problem: place N chess queens on the board in such a way that no queen can attack another. Both games are well coded, with high scores table, different board sizes (from 4×4 to 12×12), and very intuitive Windows-based interface. Together, they are great mind games for all chess enthusiasts, as well as anyone who enjoys some cerebral challenge that does not rely on luck. Anyone who is interested in chess problems in general should check out Related Links below as well.

Note: This download contains both programs.

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