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GAME DEVELOPER:Dartcy Productions

GAME PUBLISHER:Dartcy Productions

Copyright 2001, Dartcy Productions

NimSim is a fun PC version of Nim, one of the oldest mathematics-based 2-player games. The game of Nim is thought to originate in China, and has been the subject of interest for mathematicians and computer scientists for years (the first Nim-playing ‘computing machine’ was created back in 1940). A typical game of Nim goes as follows: a random number of piles consisting of a random number of marbles is displayed. Both players take turns removing one or more marbles from the board. Each player must remove at least one marble every turn, and no turn can be skipped. The player that takes the last stone(s) loses the game.

NimSim implements Nim very effectively for the computer. The game offers good AI, intuitive user interface, and plenty of options – you can change the board size and even the winning condition of the game – the last player to remove marble(s) could be the winner, or loser. The game is also more challenging than a typical Nim game because of one extra rule: you can remove only marbles that are on the same row. It costs only $5 to register the game, and while this shareware version is already a “full game” (i.e. the benefit of registration is free future updates and technical support), you should register the game to encourage the authors to make fun games. If you enjoy board games, especially games with strong mathematical roots, NimSim is a great time-waster. Two thumbs up!

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