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Node Warriors

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Garrett Greer & Josh Rodgers



Copyright 2002, Garrett Greer & Josh Rodgers

Node Warriors is an excellent fanmade version of Wizard of the Coast’s addictive board game RoboRally. The official plot goes as follows: “it is the year X002. The internet as we know it is now known as the Intercyberweb (ICW). You are a protector of the ICW: a Nodewarrior. Your mission: To seek out and cleanse the infected nodes of the ICW.”

Your goal in the game is to navigate your cyber bug (CB) through the intercyberweb (ICW). To find and clease the infected nodes, your CB must visit all the checkpoints on the map. However, you cannot control the CB at will: instead, every turn you are given ten random instructions, and you must choose 5 of them to program your CB with. On top of that, your CB shoots a laser in the direction it is facing after it performs each instruction. Since some doors can only be opened by sensors that are activated by laser fire, you must plan your moves carefully so that your CB’s laser will either open the doors you want, or doesn’t cause any more problems. There are tiles that damage your CB, ‘bit stream’ that pulls your CB helplessly along its flow – often towards the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” that kills the CB instantly. In later levels, you must make use of mirrors that reflect laser beams, and use laser tiles to help trigger door sensors. Overall, if you enjoy thought-provoking board games, Node Warriors will keep you hooked for hours with hundreds of devious levels. If you have never played RoboRally but enjoy puzzle games and have friends who share the same interest, I highly recommend you seek out this wonderful, uniquely designed board game. Two thumbs up, way up!

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