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One Week

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2001, Papillon

Mark Silcox, competition organizer, says it all about this fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that was entered in the 2001 the LOTECHComp:

“[One Week is] a nicely-written rendering of the week in a teenaged girl’s life leading up to the prom and a college entrance exam. Papillon gets the idiom of a fairly conventional, slightly stressed, diary-keeping teenage girl just about right, and there are some sweet little moments – e.g. the description of “blackening ovals like Christmas tree lights” on a multiple choice examination. My main reservation had to do with what seemed to be the fairly loose connection between decisions made within the game and the rewards handed out at the end – after one run-through during which I spent almost every waking hour studying, I was chastised for being a slacker and told that I’d be a dud at university! Like, no way!”

If you enjoy games that center on the (angst-filled) life of a teenage girl like Common Ground and I-0, check out One Week. Cliche and quite predictable, but at least the jokes are funny and the writing good enough to evoke the atmosphere. I liked it :)

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