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Copyright 2001, Jason Shankel

OpenTrek is a very cool 3D update of the classic Super Star Trek game, also on this site. For more information on what the game is about, read my review of Super Star Trek on this site. Although little more than a cosmetic update of the original classic, attractive graphics and menu-based interface of OpenTrek should make the game more accessible to gamers who find text-based games cumbersome or confusing. If you already enjoy the original, though, there is no real reason to get this 3D remake, and the 2002 version of Super Star Trek on this site incorporates more new features and bug fixes that are not implemented in OpenTrek. Both Windows and Linux versions are available at the official site, as well as the source codes. Here’s hoping that some of you programmers out there would like the game enough to bring it to the next level :) Highly recommended!

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