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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs


GAME DEVELOPER:Domestic Funk Productions


Copyright 1995, Organa

One of the best CD-ROMs ever made in any category, P.A.W.S is a very entertaining dog simulation CD-ROM designed for kids based on the prize-winning book (sadly now out of print) How Dogs Really Work by Alan Snow. Description on the official site says it all about this wonderfully unique underdog:

Welcome to a fabulously animated world, complete with barking, smells, and friends to make, in which you are the dog! Chase cats, dig for bones, and even bite the postman…. P.A.W.S [short for Personal Automated Wagging Ssystem] represents many person/dog years of design and animation by Alan and his team. Winner of both the Milia d’Or and BIMA awards in the category “Best Children’s Title,” and nominated for two 1995 EMMA awards as Best Children’s Title and Best Family Title, P.A.W.S has already captured the imagination of children of all ages throughout the world.

P.A.W.S has three main sections: navigation, aerodogs, and anatomy. The navigation allows one to wander out of the kennel in search of bones and adventure. You get a 3D dog’s-eye-view of the world from the doghouse, out into the garden, and into the street. You will explore and interact with your environment and its inhabitants, including all the normal obstacles such as garbage cans, fish ponds, etc., plus a loony range of humans, cats, and other characters.

With excellent use of multimedia, attractive cartoon graphics, and top-notch educational and entertainment value, P.A.W.S is a must-have CD that will appeal to both children and adults alike. Originally developed by Alan’s company Domestic Funk Productions, the title is published by Organa, Voyager founder Aleen Steins new company after she left Voyager in 1995. Two thumbs up, way up!

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