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Copyright 2001, GAMOS

Patience is a great collection of 21 solitaire games that introduces a novel concept: animated cards (called Living Cards in the game). All 52 playing cards is animated similar to chess pieces in Interplays Battle Chess, each with its own unique animations. Different animations are used for different game situations, such as moving card to prohibited position, or waiting for too long.

In addition to attractive animations, another highlight that makes Patience rather unique among card games is the fact that most of the 21 games are Russian variants that are quite obscure outside Russia and/or Europe. Games such as Metternich, Trefoil, and Cotillion are quite different from conventional solitaire games, and there is a good variety of games to keep you entertained (as opposed to, say, 20 variations of Klondike in some recent games). You can read about any game in the comprehensive on-line help, as well as get hints. The game even includes nice music and sound effects to make gameplay as enjoyable as possible. If you are a solitaire fan, Patience is a highly recommended package that will keep you hooked for hoursand introduce you to new solitaire games you may not know about. Thumbs up!

Note: Although GAMOS games are marketed as shareware and the downloadable versions are labeled demo, they are actually full games that are identical to registered versionexcept for the please register nag screen that shows up occasionally. So download the demo today and register to help support one of the best, and most underrated, puzzle game companies today :)

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