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Copyright 1999, JJ Soft

PetWings is a cool vertical shooter similar to Galaxian, except with crisper graphics and awesome anime style which is reminiscent of the famous Twinbee series on the console. The basic premise is simple: shoot everything in sight on the screen. When you shoot an enemy ship/monster, it drops a potion for you to collect. After 60 potions, you will get a power-up. The game is similar to Defender in that you will usually be faced with rows of monsters that move in tandem, although the game is arguably much more difficult: the front rows fly, and the back row lurks behind shooting at you. The registered version has 53 huge levels, 5 bosses, and 6 levels of weapon power-ups. The shareware version already has 16 levels, but for only $5, you can’t go wrong with the registered version. Definitely one of the best shooters I have seen in quite some time – two thumbs up!

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