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Pick Up the Phone Booth and Die

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1996, Rob Noyes

Similar to Undo, Pick Up The Phone Booth and Die is a self-proclaimed classic of minimalist design. The premise is simple: there is a phone booth in front of you. If you pick it up, you will die. What should you do?

The game (which is so short that it shouldn’t even be called a “game” but perhaps “2-move diversion”) is more or less a trick that will probably make you chuckle ruefully after figuring it out. The game’s value rests in only this one and only trick, which you may feel is utterly pointless. If nothing else, the game shows the ability of IF designer to come up with a cruel, deadpan humor only a few will appreciate. I did enjoy game for the few minutes it lasted, but your mileague definitely may vary ;)

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