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Pinball 2000

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs



GAME PUBLISHER:Expert Software

Copyright 1993, Spidersoft

Pinball 2000 is basically a budget version of Digital Illusions’ Pinball Dreams game, offering two tables from that classic, multiplayer support up to 8 players (turn-based), and very little else. Touted as a game that is “derived from Pinball Dreams,” Pinball 2000 basically took 2 tables but left the addictive gameplay behind. The “Rockets” table is basically “Ignition” table in Pinball Dreams, and “Graveyard” is basically “Nightmare.”

Although it seems incredulous that a straight conversion from a classic non-PC game could fail to be as much fun, that is what Pinball 2000 is: a pale ghost of the game it was “derived” from. While the graphics are faithful to the original, there seem to be even less to do on either table, and the animations and physics leave a lot to be desired. If you want to play a great pinball game, play the much better straight PC conversion of Pinball Dreams than this inferior version. So why is this game even here? Mostly just to satisfy the anal completist attitude of the webmaster *EG*.

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