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Copyright 2001, Kris Asick

PixelShips is a fun little side-scrolling shooter from Kris Asick. The objective of the game is simple: collect all 160 small spaceships dubbed “PixelShips” as you go through the levels. The game is harder than it sounds, because not only must you dodge the ceilings, walls, and other obstacles, you must also shoot enemy ships on your way to the exit. Some of the 160 PixelShips in the game can only be obtained by upgrading existing ships, and some are so rare that they can only be found by painstakingly flying into every nook and cranny you find. Each PixelShip has its own unique statistics and weapons, making the game a refreshing experience that is far from repetitive (even if each new level begins to look the same as the last one).

What makes PixelShips a lot of fun aside from the great variety of ships and weapons is the random element. Missions in the game are randomized across 10,000 possible campaigns, making for a total of 100,000 potential levels. If you enjoy caveflying, arcade, or shooter games, check out PixelShips. It is a deceptively simple game that expands in complexity the more you play it. This Windows version runs at a proper speed even on fast systems, and fixes many gameplay balance issues that were in the older DOS release.

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