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Plant, The

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Michael Roberts



Copyright 1998, Michael Roberts

Given that the author is none other than Michael J. Roberts, the creator of TADS interpreter for modern IF, I had very high expectations for the game. And my expectations are more than fulfilled: The Plant is ?classical IF? in the very best sense of the word?a game which is very well coded, chock full of interesting, logical puzzles, and spots all old-fashioned IF trappings, right down to scoring system. The plot and atmosphere is very well thought out?I don?t want to spoil anything here, so let me just say that fans of X-Files and espionage IF (especially Infocom?s Border Zone) will have a lot of fun with The Plant?s conspiracy plot.

There are many memorable puzzles in the game– the linguistic puzzle and bar code puzzles are my two favorites. The Boss, a character that follows you around, is a bit annoying mostly because he has nothing useful to say most of the time, but bearable. The game is a bit long for the competition?I doubt anyone can finish this within the 2-hour limit, but that gripe obviously is irrelevant now that the competition is over, and you can spend as much time as you want. The puzzles, the conspiracy plot, and the atmosphere are all excellent. The endgame ties up loose ends very nicely. Overall, a very polished piece of IF that is highly recommended for everyone, although newbies may be discouraged by the somewhat challenging puzzles. Thumbs up!

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