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From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Richard Carlson & Iikka Keranen



Copyright 2001, Digital Eel

Plasmaworm is an excellent modern version of classic freeware gem Pizza Worm, which in turn is the descendent of early arcade classics including Snakes and Nibbles. Instead of the pixellated worm we are familiar with, you are a plasma worm that slithers around deviously designed levels, eating food to grow bigger while trying to avoid bumping into any part of your growing body. The objective is to survive as long as possible to get to the next level, where the maze is even more difficult to navigate and the barriers more numerous. The demo version of Plasmaworm includes four levels selected from the full game. All the game modes as well as the level and music editors are fully functional, except that the levels you create cannot be saved, and unused music samples were left out to reduce download size. The full game includes 20 different levels of increasing difficulty, playable in single player as well as two-player modes. If you ever dream of blasting your friends as a worm, now you can ;)

The registered version also includes an excellent level editor and an original, superb music editor that should be a required component for every game from now. It lets you mix and match the music in the game by choosing various beats and ambient music, the number of loops, and more. I spent almost as much time on the music editor as the whole gameand thats saying a lot given how addictive it is ;) Great stuff.

With many surprises in store for Pizza Worm fans (including different kinds of worm you can become, and new power-ups) and the strangely attractive swirling graphics, Plasmaworm is definitely a must-have for every arcade fan, and well worth the $10 price tag for the registered version. Download the demo today and find out why its keeping me up nights. Two thumbs up, way up!

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