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Player Manager 2

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 1995, Anco Software

Player Manager 2 by Anco is a decent football management sim that tries to entice fans of its classic Kick Off arcade-style football series, but without designer Dino Dini at the helm. As the name of the game implies, the setting of Player Manager 2 is quite unique as far as football games go. You are not just a rookie manager, but a “capped player” – someone who has peaked in his career as a football player. You have been appointed the “Player Manager” of a club in the second division, tasked with leading the club to greatness. by assembling the best squad, using smart tactics on the pitch, and – of course – making enough ticket revenues to earn your keep and keep the ball rolling.

Because you are a player manager, you can play yourself as well in matches. This gives the game quite an interesting feel, although at the end of the day it doesn’t make it any different from other games, because you can control all the other players as well. One nice touch is the focus on personality statistics of each player. For example, a player may be very gifted, but play poorly in matches because his morale is low. The range of options for strategies and team management is much more limited than Championship Manager, but the emphasis on personality stats makes it up somewhat. Overall, Player Manager 2 is a solid football management game that offers a few innovations to the genre, but will not dethrone either Championship Manager or Anstoss series as the kings of football management games. It doesn’t match up to Anco’s classic Goal! or Kick Off 2, but it’s not a bad effort.

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