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Copyright 1994, Billy Huynh

PokerTris is a great remake of a never-released Nintendo game called Super Square Deal (see related link below to get that game). Actually, I am not sure whether it is a remake or not, since the author doesn’t mention Super Square Deal anywhere in the game. If he did come up with the concept independently of DTMC, the company behind Nintendo version, then I hope he accepts my sincerest apologies for being skeptical ;)

So what is PokerTris? As the name suggests, it is a neat combination of Poker and Tetris. Cards drop from the top of the screen and stack up on the bottom. When you make a valid Poker hand (e.g. two pairs, flush, etc.), the cards are removed from the board. A hand will count weither it’s facing horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Obviously, you will lose the game if you let any stack get too high. The speed the cards drop gradually increases as you progress from level to level, and sometimes you will have to deal with a given number of cards that already stack up.

With a unique take on Tetris, pleasant graphics, and intuitive Windows interface, PokerTris is a great coffee break game that is highly recommended to fans of Tetris everywhere. Thumbs up!

Note: This is the shareware version of the program, but I am not sure how different it is from the fully registered version, which i don’t have. If you have the registered version, please contact us!

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