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Preben p? Eventyr 2000

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs

GAME DESIGNER:Preben Technologies



Copyright 2001, Preben Technologies

Preben p? Eventyr 2000 is one of the most addictive 3-minute games I’ve ever come across. You play Preben, a wannabe shooter at the bottom of the screen. Your goal: score as many points as possible in 3 minutes by shooting flying green elephants and killer bees. While elephants cannot kill you since they fly overhead, killer bees fly straight at you and can kill you long before the 3 minutes are over.

That’s all there is to the game. So what makes it so special? The answer lies in Preben‘s ingenious scoring system that will keep you replaying again and again. Each bee you kill gets you 3 points. But for elephants it is much more complicated: the points you get for shooting an elephant depends on how long it’s been on the screen (i.e. the faster you shoot it, the more points you get), your gun’s position, and even whether or not you shoot the elephant after it reaches the midpoint of the screen. Preben has five different positions he can be in when shooting an elephant. In addition to this neat scoring system, the game has a very comprehensive statistics feature you can use to analyze and improve your game. Here you can see in what positions you shoot the elephants, how many misses you made, how your points are spread during each 15-second segment in the game, and your overall efficiency (i.e. your score as a percentage of maximum possible score in that game). You can see the same statistics for the game’s all-time top ten scorers, so hopefully you will discover how these people can get 2,000+ points when I could manage only about 120.

If you find the game difficult, you can choose between five different levels of difficulty. You can also define your own level by using the ‘User defined’ option, but you can not enter the high score table this way. All in all, Preben is simple to learn, yet maddeningly addictive. There are few better ways to spend a 3-minute coffee break than this one. Highly recommended!

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