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Price is Right, The

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Copyright 1990, GameTek

One of the most successful Mark Goodson shows ever created, The Price is Right is a famous CBS gameshow that has acquired a loyal following for its endless variety of “pricing games.” The rule of the game is simple: guess the price of a prize on display. Anyone in the audience may be called on to the ‘contestant’s row’ for a chance of taking away huge prizes by guessing the value of that prize. The one who gets closest without going over the price moves forward to play a pricing game with the host, for a larger prize or group of prizes. As each player wins or loses their own game, another member of the studio audience replaces them on contestant’s row. At the end of the show, every contestant who has played a game takes a spin on a wheel, and the closest to 100 plays the final showcase. Here they have to guess the price of a huge range of prizes and if they guess within the allowed range, they take all prizes home – if the price is right, of course.

The PC version of this inventive game is quite faithful to the TV original, although die-hard fans will be disappointed that only a few varieties of the pricing games are available. Computer players are also quite dumb, and the difficulty level can’t be toggled. Still, given that it’s the only official computer version of the show, fans will probably enjoy the game regardless.

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