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Puchiwara No Bouken

From the Database of Home of the Underdogs




Copyright 2002, MIYA

Puchiwara No Bouken (“The Adventures of Puchiwara” in English) is a fun action/puzzle hybrid from Japan that features crisp graphics, clever level designs, and the same addictive blend of action and puzzle that makes games like Lode Runner so enduring. As a stickman, your objective is to run, jump, and swing your way from the blue flag to the red one on each level to exit to the next. Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds: there are hordes of monsters to avoid, invisible tiles to activate, switches to press, traps to deactivate, and many other obstacles to negotiate. The order you need to do things is important. For example, let’s say in one level you need to press a switch to activate tiles you need to jump on to get to the flag. But the switch is located behind a cracked wall, which you can destroy by rolling a blue ball at it. But the blue ball is trapped inside another cavernous area, so you need to first get it out by pressing a switch. And while you are contemplating all this, monsters are chasing you around the screen and the clock is ticking down.

Like all good puzzle games, Puchiwara No Bouken is never boring. You will encounter new obstacles, new objects, new puzzle types, and new monsters almost every 2-3 levels. And just when you think you have seen it all, you get to the next world where an all-new set of challenges and superb background graphics await. If you enjoy Lode Runner, Dizzy series, or just “smart” platformers in general, Puchiwara No Bouken will delight, surprise, and challenge you for hours. Two thumbs up!

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